The FOSDEM report

It’s about time I penned about FOSDEM ‘09. It’s been some years since I last attended FOSDEM, but I’m glad we made it, even though we could only go for one day.

Bdale Garbee’s keynote was entertaining, but I actually wanted to see the Augeas talk as I want to start using Augeas in my Puppet setup. Raphaël Pinson did a good job in his introductory talk.

I also wanted to attend Remko and stpeter’s talk on XMPP as well as Dave Cridland’s XMPP talk.

Remko in full action

Remko in full action

All in all, FOSDEM hasn’t changed much: it’s an interesting conference, but most of all it’s a way to meet up again with the people you don’t always get to see in real life anymore…

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