I don’t want SPAM!

Today, I took the drastic step of dropping all mails marked as spam. I finally valued the time I loose when sifting through my spam folder looking for false positives before emptying the folder over the risk of false positives.
From now on, people should learn to write emails that don’t look like spam!



One Response to “I don’t want SPAM!”

  1. Paul Janik, EU says:

    To reduce SPAM:

    (1) Every year change the IP address of ALL your mail servers because the spammers tend to do a MX look-up ONCE (d.w.z. EEN keer) on an email address and store the IP address of the mail server.

    (2) NEVER EVER, despite the attraction, use the domain name for an email address ALWAYS use a sub-domain instead. Example

    NOT: paul@mydomain.com

    RECOMMENDED: paul@subdomain.mydomain.com



    (3) Vote to jail the bloody spammers.