Ozark Henry @ Irisfeesten

Last weekend the Iris festivities took place in Brussels. One of the headliner acts were performances by Daan and Ozark Henry. Of course I couldn’t miss out on that last one. We arrived just in time to enjoy Housewife, one of Daan’s latest and greatest songs after which it was Piet Goddaer’s turn to entertain the masses arrived at the Paleizenplein just in front of the royal palace.

As usual, this concert was a nice mix of his recent work as well some of his older hits, including “Sweet Instigator”, “Word up”, “Rescue” and even “Inhaling”.

To conclude, I’d like to say: “Merci, Piet!” ;-)

Ozark Henry @ Irisfeesten

Ozark Henry @ Irisfeesten encore

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